About MOXIwall

Following years of extensive research and development in erasable coatings chemistry, MOXIwall was the first business in South Africa to formulate a whiteboard paint. As a result, we are proud to consistently provide our customers a world-class product at the best possible price (we will beat any price on the market).

MOXIwall is a cost effective, high-performance alternative to traditional whiteboards. 


The Early Years

Ever had the urge to just scribble your thoughts on the wall? Our founders couldn't resist the temptation either. Eventually, after exhausting all of their wall space around the office, the idea struck them ..."What if we could create an endless, erasable canvas out of our existing walls and desks?"

An idea was born ... Formulate a solution that can transform any smooth surface into an erasable canvas. Create an interactive area out of your existing work space where you can explore your ideas and plans in full

We are based in Randburg, Johannesburg, but we distribute throughout Africa.

Delivery takes 2 - 3 working days.

Explore the versatility of MOXIwall

Use your MOXIwall to solve calculations, set targets, manage leads, specify logistics, unpack marketing strategies, define schedules, plan calendars or even just have a place for the kids to draw and learn. Office, home or at school - the uses of such a product are endless!  

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