The MOXIwall Introduction

MOXIwall is a cost effective, high-performance alternative to traditional whiteboards.

Our dry erase paint, transforms virtually any smooth surface into an erasable canvas, giving you the space you need to fully explore your ideas!

MOXIwall is sold as a self-install kit. Each kit will cover a 5 square meter area. Each kit includes installation instructions, a care and maintenance guide, the 2-part MOXIwall paint, a foam roller and handle, an erasing cloth and a set of whiteboard markers. We also offer an installation service in Gauteng and the Western Cape at R 65.00 per square meter, if required. 

Being the first company in South Africa to formulate a whiteboard paint, we have the most experience and knowledge about erasable coatings. We are the pioneers in our field and this has given us the ability use the best technology available ensuring low costs and a high quality product for our customers.

MOXIwall is a Clear (transparent) Whiteboard Paint. This allows you to really get creative when deciding on the look and feel of your erasable surface. MOXIwall Clear Whiteboard Paint can either be applied onto the walls existing colour, a crisp coat of white paint (primer), a vinyl print of your logo/emblem/schedule or a new colour chosen from your preferred paint range. The possibilities are endless as the coat is transparent - you decide on the look and feel of your MOXIwall.


Each kit will cover a 5 square meter area. 

We distribute throughout Africa! Delivery takes 2 - 3 working days.