1. MOXI Lap Desks

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MOXI Lap Desks have been ergonomically designed to fit into the lifestyles of both students and professionals. There are 3 sizes available and 6 fresh colour options to choose from. Both sides of the Lap Desk are finished with a coating of MOXIwall's Whiteboard Paint. This creates an erasable surface and provides protection for the board.

This product is ideal for:

  • Professionals that need to work at home.
  • Businesses that have a reception area or breakaway rooms. 
  • Students that are studying at home, varsity, or school.
  • Kids that love drawing pictures and playing.  

A removable cushion has been secured onto the underside of the Lap Desk with velcro. This cushion can be easily re-positioned to maximize support and comfort. As another option, the writable lap desk can be used as a presentation board by securing the dowel sticks to a wall (see instructions) and then hanging the Lap Desk on the wall. 

Each MOXI Lap Desk order will include:

  • A set of 4 whiteboard markers
  • 2 hanging dowel sticks and installation instructions 
  • A microfibre erasing cloth
  • Delivery (anywhere in South Africa) - Please allow for 10 days, as each MOXI Lap Desk is hand-made, as per your order selection.