Transform any smooth surface into an erasable canvas

MOXIwall was founded on the premise of creating endless space to scribble notes, draft plans, compile lists, set reminders, work out calculations, define strategies, create schedules....or even a place for kids to draw.

Our Featured Clients

Here are some popular brands that have trusted MOXIwall to change the way they collaborate within their teams.

Why is MOXIwall superior to other solutions?

  • Choose any Colour

    MOXIwall Whiteboard Paint is a transparent coating. Therefore, the colour and design of your MOXIwall (or desk) is your choice entirely.

  • Transform any Area

    As MOXIwall is applied with a paint roller, you can convert any wall or smooth surface into an erasable canvas (i.e: desks / doors / etc.).

  • Less than Half the Price

    Our solution will cost you less than half the price of a traditional whiteboard, per square meter. (We'll beat any comparative paint quote). 

MOXIwall is perfect for a variety of applications

  • Creative Planning

    Your creativity is limitless. Jotting down your ideas shouldn't be constricted to the dimensions of a typical whiteboard

  • Logistic Planning

    Having a large surface allows you to stay on top of your tasks/fleets/jobs. Giving you the ultimate tool to succeed

  • Note Taking

    Painting your desk with MOXIwall offers a great way to take notes, jot down numbers and explain concepts on the go


Does MOXIwall offer an installation service?

Yes. Although MOXIwall Whiteboard Paint is sold as a DIY kit, we do also offer an installation service. If you would like us to manage the installation for you, please give us a call so we can prepare a quote. We will then arrange a suitable installation date and time with you. 

What colours does MOXIwall come in?

MOXIwall is actually a transparent / clear coating. Therefore, our whiteboard paint can be applied onto any colour or design of your choice.

The colour will remain the same, although the tone may change slightly.  

What sizes does MOXIwall come in?

As MOXIwall is applied with a paint roller, it can be applied onto any area, as per your requirements.

Please see our Catalogue to view the various size options available. 

Does MOXIwall offer any guarantees?

Yes, we offer a 5 year guarantee on the erasability and performance of your MOXIwall.

Additionally, if you decide to make use of our installation service, we also offer a full guarantee on our workmanship. Just give us a call if you are not 100% satisfied with the installation service that you have received.